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The Bridge

Inspired by its French namesake which means ‘THE BRIDGE’, Le Pont takes great pleasure in THE ART OF CONNECTING. We bring people together through amazing gastronomic journey, where the finest pastries, meals and beverages set the stage for delectable happenings.

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The Philosophy

The gastronomic experience of Le Pont is centred around the trio of pastries & breads, the cafe and speciality coffee. Each offers a standalone modern contemporary cuisine experience which can also be experienced in unison.

At Le Pont, everything we serve is of the highest quality and embodies true passion as well as innovation for the craft of food. Our dedicated team of chefs strive to achieve the highest standards of quality through the marrying of superb ingredients with skill and craftsmanship.

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The Café

Our Chef de Cuisine has called upon his many years of experience in designing a menu spanning a diverse mix of family fare and comfort food, with the right touch of sophistication to reflect the French-European connection.

Diners can relish down-to-earth favourites such as soups and sandwiches, hearty traditionalist fare like lamb shank, contemporary French creations like the mango salmon and more exciting fresh discoveries.

The Speciality Coffee & Craft Drinks

Our coffee aims to please the palate but also to inspire adventure. Coffee aficionados can look forward to savouring our Head of Coffee David Leong’s sublime house blend, exuding a caramel sweetness that is complemented by subtle cherry acidity and frothy 60-65 degree steamed milk.

For those seeking the ultimate coffee experience, David has introduced a free-pour and hand-brewed coffee tasting menu. Take in the wonders of coffee artistry at our brew bar, where well-trained baristas will delight in sharing their knowledge of different coffee beans and flavour profiles.